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Leading the Green Building Revolution
As a responsible company committed to sustainable development and the protection of our planet, Putrajaya Perdana has been one of the main driving forces behind Malaysia's green building movement. Over the years, we have progressed from being a pioneer in energy efficiency building design and construction, to integrating other green elements such as indoor environmental quality, sustainable site planning and management, materials and resource utilisation, water efficiency as well as innovation, into our projects. With several landmark projects to our name as well as a tried and proven expertise, the Group is today the clear leader of Malaysia's green building revolution.

What are Green Buildings?
Green or sustainable buildings are those that are designed to save energy and resources, recycle materials and minimise the emission of toxic substances throughout their life cycles. They aim to harmonise with the local climate, traditions, culture and the surrounding environment. Green buildings are designed to sustain and improve the quality of human life while maintaining the capacity of the ecosystem at the local and global levels.

Strong Reasons for Going Green
There are a number of reasons as to why organisations should consider going green. Other than causing less harm to the environment and utilising resources in the most efficient manner, green buildings also offer significant operational savings and increased workplace productivity. They also send out the message that an organisation is run efficiently, is responsible, and is committed to the future.

Other Incentives to Go Green
Even as Malaysia is a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol which calls for nations to limit their greenhouse gas emissions, the Government of Malaysia has been instrumental in implementing several initiatives promoting sustainable development. These include the creation of green technology policies, funding for companies that supply and utilise green technology, incentives for companies that comply with the Malaysian Green Building Index (a green rating tool for buildings), and the rollout of events promoting sustainable development. These and a host of other rewards for green compliance make the green building option an attractive alternative.

From the Group's perspective, going green offers us huge untapped market potential and better returns on the highly specialised green building expertise we offer. Our involvement as a pioneer in this area has also helped establish us as a standards and trendsetter, while strengthening our credibility and reputation in the international arena.